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Hire Your Perfect Employee in 2020

If you could hire the perfect employee, what would they look like and what would they do? They would probably sing your praises, talk highly of what your company offers and give people an insight into why you do what you do. They would work evenings and weekends (of course), and they would never ask for a pay raise ?.

If you haven’t picked up already, I’m talking about video marketing. More specifically homepage videos. Videos that allow your target audience to get to know the people and the reasons behind the company/product or service they are about to make a purchase from. This is such a simple concept that has been overshadowed in the world of social media. The value of a homepage video is so great and yet SO many companies feel like it’s ok to replace that with 1500 words and a couple of images they found on Google images.

As a consumer, my first course of action when I come across a new company that offers a product that I might like is to scan their website looking for a video that shows the product in action. I want to see people using it or talking highly of it.

If it’s a company that offers a service, I am looking for a video that shows the people behind the services. Can I relate to these people, why did they start offering this service and what keeps them going? If I can relate to these people, then guess what? Price is no longer my biggest concern. The chances are, I am going to buy from them since they connected with me emotionally.

You see, if you don’t give people something they can relate to then price is all they have to draw a comparison to and from there, it’s a race to the bottom and a sure-fire way to lose business.

We’ve all heard the age-old say, “People don’t buy from businesses, people buy from” all together now, “PEOPLE.”

The fact of the matter is you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you don’t have a video explaining who you are and why you do what you do on the homepage of your website and pinned to the top of your social channels. We are still in a time where most of your competitors aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of video. This means the opportunities are for you to stake your claim on the marketplace and lock in new customers are abundant.

Now ask yourself, does the company I work for have a video on their homepage? Does that video speak to the core values of why you do what you do? Does it accurately reflect your brand? If you were a potential customer, would this video make you feel more comfortable and increase your chances of filling out a contact form or picking up the phone?

If you answered “no, not really” to any of the questions above, it’s time to act. Video production is an investment that keeps on giving. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you start looking at video production as an employee, rather than a video, you will see things differently.

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Strategies for Posting to Social Media

We all know that video marketing is so important and have read about it everywhere! So, the real questions are why is video marketing so important? How can we utilize our videos across social platforms?

The number one platform for video marketing has always been YouTube, but now other social platforms have risen to the test. Instagram specifically has made countless efforts to improve and optimize having videos on their platform. From allowing 60-second videos to implementing IGTV and now IG story. Instagram has paved a way for themselves in the video marketing world. They have found a seamless way to add videos to your feed and an even better way to hide promotional advertisements within that feed.

The need for professional photography has risen amongst the social media world. With brands and influencers joining in they are competing against each other for quality content. Content is the key to executing a really engaging post.

There are a few things to note when executing an amazing content filled Social Media advertisement.

What are you using to take your photos?

Photography has evolved over the past few years as has photography we use for social media. What first started as a blurry phone pic has evolved to using your most high tech DSLR camera to produce high quality, professional imagery with a shallow depth of field, dynamic lighting and interesting compositions. Quality in both photography and editing is extremely important when advertising on social media. Anything that is low quality will not perform well based on the current algorithm.

Editing your photos properly

We love a filter as much as the next, but what we don’t love is over/under exposure, over-saturated, over grainy imagery. Consistency is key when editing photos for social media. If your style isn’t consistent it will show on your feed. If the image does not flow it is most likely one that you should not post. Always keep your brand top of mind when editing your photos. Ask yourself, “does this photo represent me and my brand accurately?” if the answer is no, it’s probably best not to post.

Photo cropping

You may be asking why is this important?! Well, we should note (from experience) that if the photo is not cropped or sized properly both Instagram and Facebook will crop for you, and we don’t want to see any chopped heads in the feed. Facebook has great photo and video guidelines for editing your photos and videos to fit.

Why Team Headshots & Bios Are So Important

Why Team Headshots & Bios Are So Important The about page…a page on your website that is often overlooked. We are here to say that “About Me” is making a comeback and we are here for it! Several different companies are getting clever with their “About Page”, not only in the copy on the page but with their imagery and video. Now, when companies are looking to hire, they often look at the about page to see who they would be working with and often make decisions based on what is mentioned in the bio.

Often when companies search your business, they come across your landing page. If they are here to stay for a while the next page, they are heading to is your “About Page.” Having an “About Page” or company bio gives businesses and brands the ability and opportunity to share their expertise and their credentials. Often a CEO, VP or Director will show off their credentials in the about page that help potential clients get to know them and see if they are legitimate and know what they are doing. The about page is essentially a LinkedIn on your website.

Your “About Us” page should answer the following questions:

Who are we?

• A brief overview of who you are as a company. What makes you and your people unique in the marketplace?

Why we do what we do?

• Your “why” arguably the most important part of your about page persona. Your why is what makes you…you. Let’s face it, there are a lot of other companies that offer the same or similar products to you. They all claim to have great customer service and better pricing. Your “why” is the key differentiator. If you can answer this question with confidence, you are already 1 step ahead of the pack.

Why should you choose us over someone else?

• What are your key value propositions? Here is where you can talk about fine tolerances, cheaper cost per part, better quality, cutest little doggy mascot, etc.

What do we do?

• Imagine someone stumbles across your site not knowing what you do. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t make it clear from the start what it is you offer. For us, we talk about the video-making process, the video production services we offer and our production team. Make the text bold, make it big, put it in the webpage banner! Think of it as spoon-feeding a baby. Make it easy for anyone that comes to your site to understand within seconds exactly what your company does. When did we start?

When did we start?

• If your company is rich in experience and history, let it be known. This can foster trust and will give an element of reliability to your company and brand. If you’re the new kid on the block, don’t worry. Tailor your message to that. You’re fresh, you’re current, you’re trendy. Don’t hide from who you are or where you came from.

How do we do it?

• Sometimes pulling the curtain back to reveal the process of what you do can make a new customer feel at ease. I’m not telling you to give away any of your secret sauces, but educating your customers on all of the work that goes into your process is not only going to add a level of trust and expertise, it also going to make your customers feel more comfortable with you and therefore, more willing to spend $$$.

Who doesn’t want to have a photoshoot?! Your team is the most important part of your company or brand. They are the faces of what makes your business successful. Why not want to show them off?! We want to get down to the nitty-gritty and see who the web developer, marketing manager, social media guru, and company dog are! Often, we see creative brands especially have fun with their team headshots!

Some of our favorite national and local to Charlotte, North Carolina are:


If you are trying to grow your business, chances are you’ve been told you need to ensure you have a “full pipeline” of prospects. You know… that constant flow of new and exciting potential customers who are eager to throw their money at you because you have exactly what they want, and they just can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Sounds great right? Well, the fact of the matter is, you aren’t alone. Every business wishes they had more demand for their product or service, more people scrambling for their goods, but most of the time that’s just not the case.

A full pipeline is a great way to start moving in the right direction, but how do we actually get there? There are so many claims out there that say they have the “secret sauce”, but the one ingredient to increase your number of prospects and close more deals isn’t all that simple. It’s a whole lot of small tweaks that make a huge impact. You can’t turn a ship with just one guy and one ore, but if Captain Jack whips all the shipmates into shape, the Black Pearl will turn like a fidget spinner (whatever happened to those, btw?)

Now that we have determined that there is no one quick-fix solution to increase leads and sales, we can start to talk about implementing things that you may not be doing already that will dramatically influence how you are looked at by your target audience.

Drum roll please…that’s right, video.

Video Marketing is the best way to communicate with people outside of having a face to face conversation. “Why?” you ask. Exactly, WHY?

“Why” is going to make you and your company stand out from the other guys that are ALSO claiming to have the best product/service in the marketplace. Your “why” is so valuable that it should be front and center on your website and branding. Your “why” carries far more weight to it that the 0.142% advantage your product has over the other guys. A promotional video on your website that talks to your “why” is a great starting point for building a relationship with your audience.

Hear me out of a quick second.

Take Company A, for example, Company A claims to have the best hot sauce in North America, their “About Page” says that they source only US grown organic peppers, they’ve won awards for having the hottest hot sauce in the United States and their mascot is Toby, the most adorable Golden Retriever you’ve ever set your eyes on. Company A is a good company that makes a great product.

Now take Company B, Company B also has a great product. Their peppers are also sourced from the US, they haven’t won any awards for their hot sauce, but their customers love their product and are vocal about it. On Company B’s homepage, they have a 45-second promotional video talking about how Company B’s recipe has been in the family for generations and their hot sauce has been slightly tweaked and perfected for over 150 years. They talk about their great grandfather and how he used to walk around selling tasters to people in his area for 2 cents per 125 oz and how “back then it was called cayenne sauce”. The video speaks to how they are still using the base of that same recipe today and that their great grandfather’s face still lives on the front of the bottle.

You see, while Company A has seemingly done everything right and may have a superior product, I for one am far more inclined to buy from Company B as they have me emotionally invested into their story. Not only am I buying a good product, but I’m also supporting a legacy and they have me hooked! Most importantly, I am no longer buying a product from a company but I am buying from a person. There is now a face and a personality linked to the transaction.

Of course, this is just one example of how video can develop an emotional relationship, we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to video testimonials, product overviews, product commercials and so on, and so on.

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Today is March 19th, 2020 and today we woke up to a different world. I don’t usually like to date my articles, but it felt necessary this time around.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are creating a historical change in how people and businesses operate. The market is at a 3-year low, businesses are being forced to close their doors, and huge corporations are moving their workforces to home offices.

Through all of this, there has been a clear and obvious uncertainty in the marketplace and that is completely understandable. Since 2017, we have seen our economy thrive. Record highs in both the markets and employment rates have led to companies having the budget to maximize their marketing efforts across all mediums.

Thousands of companies were born into this booming economy and have never experienced a down market, and for those that have, it doesn’t get any easier.

So, I wanted to take some time to pull together a few ideas on the do’s and don’t during a pandemic from a marketing/business standpoint.