Digital Spark Studios was founded on the core principle that story is always king. The art of storytelling is what drives us to learn more about you, your history, and where you see yourself in the future.

The brainchild of two people who found themselves heading up video production for a global 3D printing company just outside Charlotte NC, Digital Spark was born out of the desire to tell compelling stories through beautiful imagery and sound.

Nimble and scrappy, yet large enough to deal with any type of video production you throw our way, Digital Spark’s collaborative nature revolves around working alongside our clients to get to know them on a personal level. So, don’t be shy, we love hearing your larger than life ideas!

Adam Sewell


Adam lives and works in the belief that the ordinary approach cannot deliver extraordinary results. He values teamwork, order, and clear communication and brings these traits with him to every project he touches.

Passionate about infusing cinematography and photography with well-matched creative insights, Adam listens carefully to his clients to achieve their vision. On off hours, Adam can be found spending time with his wife, catching up on soccer or salivating over a slice of pizza.

Charlotte NC pizza recommendation: Inizio Pizza Napoletana



Originally from Atlanta, GA, Joshua works with the mentality that the mere technical knowledge of a subject, such as drawing, painting, writing, or any other form of art, may produce an acceptable outcome; but to truly captivate and inspire an audience, imagination is the greatest tool.

With every shoot and storyboard, Joshua correlates his vast knowledge of film and photography with his creativity, intuition and imagination; making each project a carefully sculpted work of art. If he is not sketching on an iPad in the airport, searching for the perfect background music in the editing room, or on a shoot, you can find him having philosophical conversations with his boxador, Mavis, or driving around town in search of a taco truck.


Creative Director

Taylor’s love for video production and storytelling was born when he lived overseas in Tokyo, Japan. At a very young age, he realized that if he followed a camera, it would continue to provide him new life experiences, allowing him to interact with all walks of life. His arch nemesis has always been boredom. To combat that, he tries to look at life as one big adventure, embracing each obstacle and opportunity with excitement and passion. As a kid he was given the nickname “Tales” because of his love for story telling (and stretching the truth to make life more interesting…). It’s that creativity which transpired into his unconventional yet undeniable success and growth in this industry. Having worn many hats, he has worked in both the field and edit bay for large and small ad agencies, television networks, and film productions. If he isn’t on the road, or sitting at his desk editing, he is likely planning a party, or reminding his co-workers not to take life too seriously.

Melissa Furr

Web/Social Media Manager

Melissa’s strengths lie in her marketing and analytical mindset. She has perfected the art of turning the chaos of creativity into organized strategy. Pairing her analytical mindset with the creative masterminds of the talented Digital Spark creators, she truly believes the products they deliver together are unparalleled to anything else.

Melissa is beyond passionate about the mission behind Digital Spark–helping clients and brands capture and highlight the true essence of who they are and what they stand for. When she isn’t behind the scenes helping an extraordinary idea be brought to life, you can find her enjoying a night in with her two dogs, husband, and of course some tortilla chips.