We aim to work with our clients on a level that enables us to reveal what their message truly is. Our goal is to peel back the layers so we can start to mold a story around this core messaging.

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This is easily the most common question we get asked at Digital Spark. While we wish we could give you a number during our first call or email conversation, it’s really not that easy. You see, every video, every company, every story is different, and that means the ingredients that go into creating a kickass video for you will be very different to the ingredients that went into making the kickass video we finished last week.

Although we can help construct and create your video from the ground level, we suggest that you figure out what type of video you are looking for (maybe even curate some references) and come to us with a budget range based off your company’s overall marketing budget. This way we can craft a story around what you are looking for and create a proposal for you that will ensure you are getting the most out your allotted budget range.